SCMTA is a local chapter of Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA) and affiliated with Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). We are one of the oldest and most active chapters in the state; teachers and their students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of music-related festivals, competitions, educational experiences and social events throughout the year.

To provide education, training, and association for independent music teachers in Snohomish County, and to promote music education for students in Snohomish County and the greater Seattle community.


  • To offer membership to independent music teachers.
  • To feature speakers at our monthly meetings for the educational enrichment of our teachers.
  • To provide grants to our teachers for continuing their music education.
  • To establish and support opportunities for performance and for unique music education programs for youth, which will help them develop necessary life skills and lead to good citizenship.

The Snohomish County Music Teachers Association (SCMTA) is a subchapter of both Music Teachers National Association and the Washington State Music Teachers Association. As such, it also supports and contributes to their programs, which include:

  • State and National certification of members
  • Professional fraternity among music teachers
  • The maintenance of high ethical standards
  • Mutual improvement in teaching by the interchange of ideas
  • The furtherance of music culture to benefit our communities

SCMTA Officers

President: Kathryn Kibbe
1st VP/President Elect: Vacant
2nd VP/Membership Chair: Vacant
Past President: Rose Freeman
Secretary: Laura Hendrickson
Publicity: Vacant
General Treasurer: Colleen Jennings
Self-Supporting Projects Treasurer: Bonnie MacPhail
Member At Large: Maria Sier

SCMTA Past Presidents

Sally Sather
Anna R. Johnson
Arthur James
Ellen Young
Bertha McIntosh
Fritz Eid
Thelma Kelley
Mabel Jenkins
Janette Johnson
Cora Hayden
Alfa Gregerson
Flavia Van Dyke
Saide Fellows
Phene Buckley
Frances Nordby
Betty Fors
Vergie McDonald
Gertrude Woll
Ruth Headley
Loma Chamberlain
Shirley Paine
Frances Nordby
Gertrude Woll
Francelle Imbs
Ione Gale
Audrey Raymond
Florence Miller
Sally Wheeler
Hope Bohn
Judy Baker
Janet Mooney
Hope Bohn
Sue Moser
Sonja Berg
Pat Reeve
Carol Menges
Marilyn Hambelton
Mary Belshaw
Iris Ingram
Maria Foote Sier
Terry Turner
Rosemary Wenzl
Joyce Bovey
Jane Campbell
Renne’ Holliman
Brenda Hensen
Debbie Adriance
Jeannine Lish
Kathleen Bigler
Jeannine Lish
Ted Lombard
Rick Seifert
Debbie Knapp
Rick Seifert
Diana Dallal
Maria Sier
Patti McElroy
Rachel Dickinson
Rose Freeman
Kandice Wartes